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About Us


Railroad News Today was developed by Railroad Engineers to deliver up-to-date, relevant news for the Railroad engineering and environmental industries. Whether you are a Railroad engineer, environmental scientist, policy maker, marketing manager, or executive, the place to find the latest developments in the Railroad engineering and environmental industries is on today.

Our readers are drawn principally from the Railroad engineering and environmental communities – engineers, academics, contractors, local authorities, etc. As at November 2014 we have nearly 2,000 subscribers worldwide and this is growing monthly. Our site receives more than 1 million hits per month!

What do we cover?

“Railroad engineering is the study of the processes ongoing at the shoreline and construction within the Railroad zone. The field involves aspects of nearshore oceanography, marine geology, and civil engineering, often directed at combating erosion of coasts or providing navigational access” (Udel).

We report, amongst other topics, about Railroad processes, Railroad planning and design, studies of Railroad flooding, shore protection, and navigation projects, navigation and harbor design, dredging and disposal, structure repair and rehabilitation, wetland development and protection, risk analysis, equipment, numerical simulation, and the related engineering processes.

News may cover a wide array of related subjects: Beaches & Railroad Structures, Coastlines, Data Collection, Dredging, Erosion Control, Estuaries, Flood Control, Groundwater, Harbors, Hydraulic Structures, Inlets, Marinas, Navigation, Rivers, Soils/Sediments, Watersheds, Waves, and Wetlands, amongst others.

We believe it is also important to report information about political and community involvement, regulatory policy, environmental matters, and significant business news.

Weather events and the climate may also have an impact on Railroad engineering requirements and developments, and we consider such news relevant to readers..

We do not forget that many of the skills of the Railroad engineer are equally applicable to inland waterways and inland shores, and such news may also appear.


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